Permanent and contract recruitment

For the client

We know what you are thinking…piles of irrelevant CV’s clogging up your computer or piled on your desk. Well, we don’t work that way. We are clear that the right staff can transform your organisation. We cover a range of positions from graduates to senior managers. We will deliver only experienced and qualified candidates who have been carefully assessed for their work skills, aptitude, attitude and ambition. Our focused short lists are just that: focused and short.

For the candidate

We are more than a channel to your next job, we work with you from polishing your CV to interview preparation. We know that the next role could well be an important step in the development of your career ambitions so getting you there is much more than sending on your CV to prospective employers. Because we match candidates with employers we will not waste your time. In addition it also means that employers trust us to propose only relevant candidates giving us access to a broad range Jersey’s most attractive businesses.