Corporate Social Responsibility


Excel ladies hit the road!

This year we have decided that we are going to take to the roads not only to get fitter and enjoy some well deserved fresh air but also to raise funds for our 2017 chosen charity which is Jersey Stroke Association.  In December we added a new piece of equipment to the office, not a new PC or a new printer, but a cross trainer!  We all felt we needed motivation to get away from our desks on regular intervals so now we have no excuse.

Our first aim for 2017 is to challenge each other to how many minutes we can do per week on the cross trainer – currently sadly it is not very many but that is all going to change.

Our second goal is to set specific walking routes and plans for our lunch breaks which will mean that ‘if your name is on the list you are definitely getting out…’  A minimum of 10,000 steps per day is our goal to begin with.

The third goal of the year is for us to put a team into the Relay Marathon – no mean feat considering that only two of us so far has ever done anything more than run to the loo.

And finally a personal goal for Michelle "this is a charity cycle ride from Paris to Geneva – on signing up for this I did not really read the small print which explains just how many mountains we have to climb but well whats a couple of mountains between friends!  This does mean an awful lot of training considering I have not ridden a bike in a few years but I do like a challenge and this is certainly going to be one of those.   Wish me luck".

If you do happen to see us pounding or peddling the streets then do give us a wave of encouragement and any training tips would be very very welcome.